The Top 5 Lawn Edgers to Create Perfectly Manicured Edges

The Top 5 Lawn Edgers to Create Perfectly Manicured Edges

As an outdoor grilling enthusiast and advisor, I know that a well-maintained lawn is crucial for creating the perfect backyard atmosphere. One essential aspect of lawn maintenance is creating clean, precise edges around walkways, flower beds, and other landscape features. In this article, I’ll share my top 5 picks for the best lawn edgers that will help you achieve those perfectly manicured edges. Let’s dive in!

The Importance of Lawn Edging

Lawn edging not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space but also provides several practical benefits:

  1. Defines boundaries between different landscape elements, such as grass, walkways, and garden beds.
  2. Prevents grass from growing into flower beds or onto walkways.
  3. Makes mowing and trimming more manageable by providing a clear edge to follow.
  4. Helps maintain the shape and structure of your lawn and landscape features.

Types of Lawn Edgers

You have the option to select from three primary types of lawn edgers: manual, electric, and gas-powered, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages that will depend on your specific requirements and personal preferences.

Manual Edgers

Manual edgers are simple, handheld tools that require some elbow grease to operate. They’re affordable, environmentally friendly, and don’t require any fuel or electricity to run. However, they can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for larger lawns or those with challenging terrain.

Electric Edgers

Electric edgers are suitable for small to medium-sized lawns and are powered by either a rechargeable battery or an electrical cord. They provide greater power than manual edgers. Compared to gas-powered alternatives, electric edgers are typically more environmentally friendly and quieter. However, they may be restricted by cord length or battery life.

Gas-powered Edgers

Gas-powered edgers are the most powerful option, making them ideal for larger lawns or professional landscaping jobs. They offer the most mobility and run time, but they can be louder, heavier, and produce more emissions than their electric counterparts.

Top 5 Lawn Edgers

Best Manual Lawn Edger - AMES Saw-Tooth Border EdgerBest Manual Lawn Edger: AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger

The AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger is a reliable and straightforward manual lawn edger that features a unique saw-tooth blade design for clean and precise cuts. Its T-grip handle provides comfortable and secure control during use, while the durable steel construction ensures long-lasting performance. This edger is perfect for those who prefer an environmentally friendly and budget-conscious option.

Best Electric Lawn Edger - BLACK+DECKER Edge HogBest Electric Lawn Edger: BLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher

The BLACK+DECKER Edge Hog is a top-rated electric lawn edger with a powerful 12-amp motor, providing clean and precise cuts for small to medium-sized lawns. It features a three-position blade depth adjustment and an adjustable auxiliary handle for maximum comfort and control. The built-in cord retention system helps prevent accidental disconnections, while the tool-free assembly ensures easy setup and storage. This edger is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and efficient electric option.

Best Cordless Lawn Edger - WORX WG896 PowerShareBest Cordless Lawn Edger: WORX WG896 PowerShare

The WORX WG896 PowerShare is a versatile cordless lawn edger powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery, providing ample power for most residential lawn edging tasks. It features a 7.5-inch blade with a cutting depth of up to 1.5 inches and a 3-position depth adjustment for precise edging. The pivoting handle ensures comfortable use, while the cordless design offers unlimited mobility. This lawn edger is perfect for those seeking a powerful and convenient cordless option.

Best Gas-powered Lawn Edger - McLane 101 9-InchBest Gas-powered Lawn Edger: McLane 101 9-Inch

For those who require a heavy-duty gas-powered lawn edger, the McLane 101 9-Inch is an excellent choice. It features a powerful 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine and a 9-inch cutting blade, making it suitable for large lawns and professional landscaping jobs. The single-lever blade clutch and depth control allow for quick and easy adjustments during use. While it’s more expensive and louder than other options, its power and performance are unmatched for heavy-duty tasks.

Best Multi-Tool Lawn Edger - EGO Power+ Multi-Head SystemBest Multi-Tool Lawn Edger: EGO Power+ Multi-Head System

The EGO Power+ Multi-Head System is a versatile and innovative lawn edger that can also be used as a string trimmer, pole saw, and more, thanks to its interchangeable attachments. Powered by a 56V lithium-ion battery, this edger provides impressive power and run time. With its variable speed control, adjustable cutting depth, and ergonomic design, this lawn edger guarantees accurate and comfortable edging. It’s an ideal tool for individuals seeking a versatile solution for a range of lawn care duties.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Edger

When selecting the best lawn edger for your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Lawn size and terrain: Larger lawns or those with challenging terrain may require a more powerful edger, such as a gas-powered or cordless option.
  2. Power source: Consider whether you prefer a manual, electric, or gas-powered edger based on factors such as environmental impact, noise, and maintenance requirements.
  3. Cutting depth and blade adjustment: Ensure the edger you choose has adjustable cutting depth and blade options to suit your lawn’s specific needs.
  4. Ergonomics and comfort: Look for edgers with comfortable handles, adjustable auxiliary handles, and lightweight designs to minimize fatigue during use.
  5. Budget: Lawn edgers come in various price ranges, so consider your budget when making your decision.

Tips for Using Lawn Edgers Safely and Effectively

Follow these tips to get the best results from your lawn edger while ensuring your safety:

  1. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions.
  2. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as safety glasses, gloves, and closed-toe shoes.
  3. Clear the edging area of any debris or obstacles before starting.
  4. Ensure that the edger’s blade is sharp and in good condition before use.
  1. Maintain a steady pace and apply consistent pressure when edging for even and clean cuts.
  2. Edge your lawn regularly to maintain well-defined boundaries and prevent grass from encroaching on walkways and garden beds.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the work area while using a lawn edger.


Creating perfectly manicured edges on your lawn can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal and make lawn maintenance more manageable. By choosing the right lawn edger for your needs and following proper safety and usage tips, you can achieve professional-quality results in your backyard. My preferred choice is the¬†BLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher¬†Whether you prefer a manual, electric, or gas-powered option, there’s a lawn edger out there that will help you achieve your desired look and keep your outdoor space looking its best.


  • How often should I edge my lawn?
      • How often you should edge your lawn is determined by the growth rate of your grass and the level of accuracy you want to achieve. Typically, it’s recommended to perform lawn edging once every 2-4 weeks while the grass is actively growing.
  • Can I use a string trimmer for lawn edging?
      • While some people use a string trimmer for edging, a dedicated lawn edger will provide cleaner, more precise results.
  • Are there any alternatives to traditional lawn edgers?
      • Some gardeners use landscape edging materials, such as metal, plastic, or brick, to create a physical barrier between the lawn and other landscape features. These materials can help maintain well-defined edges but still require regular maintenance to keep the area looking neat.
  • Do I need to sharpen the blade on my lawn edger?
      • Yes, keeping the blade on your lawn edger sharp is essential for clean, precise cuts. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended sharpening intervals and methods.
  • Is it better to edge before or after mowing?
      • It’s generally better to edge after mowing, as this allows you to see the edges more clearly and ensures that the grass height is uniform across the entire lawn.
  • When would be the optimal time of day to trim the edges of my lawn?
      • The best time of day to edge your lawn is during the late afternoon or early evening when the sun is not at its peak, and the grass has had time to dry from any morning dew. This reduces stress on the grass and allows it to recover more quickly.
  • Can I use a lawn edger on wet grass?
      • It’s best to avoid using a lawn edger on wet grass, as this can result in uneven cuts and increased wear on the edger’s blade. Wait for the grass to dry before edging for optimal results.
  • How do I maintain my lawn edger?
      • Proper maintenance is essential for prolonging the life and performance of your lawn edger. Some maintenance tips include:
        • Regularly check and sharpen the blade.
        • Clean debris from the edger after each use.
        • For gas-powered edgers, perform regular engine maintenance, such as checking and changing oil, spark plugs, and air filters.
        • Inspect and replace worn or damaged parts as needed.
        • Store the lawn edger in a dry, protected area when not in use.
  • Are lawn edgers suitable for all lawn types?
      • Lawn edgers are suitable for most lawn types, but the power source and blade size should be appropriate for the specific lawn size and terrain. For large or uneven lawns, a gas-powered or cordless edger may be more suitable, while smaller or flat lawns may only require a manual or electric edger.
  • How deep should I set the blade on my lawn edger?
    • The ideal blade depth for lawn edging will depend on your specific lawn and desired results. Generally, a depth of 1-2 inches is sufficient for most lawns. Be careful not to set the blade too deep, as this can damage underground utilities or cause the edger to become difficult to control.

By considering these FAQs and following the tips and advice provided in this article, you can create perfectly manicured edges for your lawn and enjoy a well-maintained outdoor space. With the right lawn edger and proper care, your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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