The 7 Best Propane Grills

The 7 Best Propane Grills

Grilling is an integral part of my outdoor lifestyle and over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the convenience and performance of propane grills. For those new to grilling or looking to upgrade, let me help you navigate the options out there. I’ve put together a list of the 7 best propane grills of 2023 that cater to different needs and budgets.

Benefits of Propane Grills

Propane grills offer several advantages. They’re easy to use, heat up quickly, and provide consistent heat. They’re also cleaner than charcoal grills, which means less cleanup for you and fewer pollutants for the environment.

How to Choose a Propane Grill

Additional Features

Choosing the perfect propane grill for your needs involves considering several factors that contribute to the grill’s performance, functionality, and longevity. Here are some crucial factors you should look into when choosing your propane grill:

1. Size

The perfect grill size selection relies on your unique requirements and the space at your disposal. If you have a small patio or balcony, a compact two-burner grill like the Weber Spirit II E-210 might be a great choice. However, if you often entertain large groups or have a big family, you may want a larger grill with more burners, like the Dyna-Glo Premier 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill. Remember to measure your space before purchasing to ensure the grill will fit comfortably.

2. Price

Grills come in a broad price range, and it’s essential to establish a budget before you start shopping. Price usually correlates with features, build quality, and brand reputation. That said, more expensive doesn’t always mean better. You can find fantastic grills at a reasonable price, such as the Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill.

3. Heat Distribution

Even heat distribution is a key factor for perfect grilling results. Look for grills that are known for their excellent heat distribution, ensuring your food cooks evenly. The Broil King Baron 590, for instance, employs a Flav-R-Wave cooking system to ensure excellent heat distribution.

4. Additional Features

Features like side burners, warming racks, or a rotisserie add versatility to your cooking experience. Think about the type of cooking you’ll be doing and decide whether these features are important to you. For example, the Weber Genesis II E-335 comes with a searing station and a side burner, which can be handy for searing steaks or cooking side dishes.

5. Brand Reputation

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider the reputation of the brand you’re buying from. Brands like Weber, Char-Broil, and Napoleon have a long history of producing reliable, high-quality grills. Buying from a well-known brand often means you can count on good customer service and an available supply of replacement parts if needed.

The 7 Best Propane Grills of 2023

Weber Spirit II E-210

Weber Spirit II E-210This compact grill from Weber, a well-respected brand in the grilling world, offers a surprising amount of grilling power. The Spirit II E-210 features two stainless steel burners delivering 26,500 BTUs per hour and 450 square inches of total cooking space. A built-in lid thermometer, a sleek open-cart design for easy accessibility, and the GS4 grilling system (which enhances flavor) are among the key features.

However, like everything else, it has a few cons. With only two burners, it may not accommodate a large crowd’s needs.

It’s ideal for small families or those with limited space, providing the quality and durability associated with Weber grills without needing a lot of room.

Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas GrillChar-Broil’s Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill offers a solid combination of cooking space and power. With four main burners and one side burner, the grill delivers 36,000 main burner BTUs and 10,000 side burner BTUs. Its 425 square inch cooking space is more than enough for average family needs.

However, it may require more cleaning due to its grease pan design.

This grill is a great fit for those seeking a balance of size and cooking power, and who appreciate the added versatility of a side burner.

Weber Genesis II E-335

Weber Genesis II E-335The Weber Genesis II E-335 is a serious grill for BBQ enthusiasts. With three primary burners, a searing station, and a side burner, it’s designed to make your grilling and searing simple and convenient. It offers a generous 669 square inches of cooking space and 39,000 BTUs.

One drawback might be its higher price point compared to other grills.

But for BBQ enthusiasts looking for high-end features and who grill frequently, the Genesis II E-335 could be a worthwhile investment.

Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas GrillThe Cuisinart CGG-7400 offers great performance at an affordable price. Four burners provide a total of 44,000 BTUs, and it boasts a large cooking surface of 610 square inches. It has a simple, user-friendly design, making it an ideal grill for beginners.

A potential con might be the lack of advanced features like a side burner or infrared heating.

But if you’re looking for a reliable, high-performing grill that won’t break the bank, the Cuisinart CGG-7400 could be your choice.

Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas GrillThe Napoleon Rogue 425 stands out with its innovative design and high-quality build. It offers three main burners, a sear plate, and an infrared side burner. It delivers 36,000 main burner BTUs and a spacious 620 square inches of cooking area.

Its price might be higher than average, but it’s justified by its features and build quality.

It’s perfect for users looking for a high-quality grill with ample cooking space and who appreciate the benefits of infrared heating.

Dyna-Glo Premier 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo Premier 4 Burner Propane Gas GrillThe Dyna-Glo Premier offers professional-level grilling in your backyard. With four burners delivering a total of 48,000 BTUs and offering 550 square inches of primary cooking space, it’s built for efficiency and performance.

However, its stainless steel finish might require extra care to keep it looking new.

If you’re looking for a large, professional-level grill, the Dyna-Glo Premier could be your pick.

Broil King Baron 590 Propane Grill

Broil King Baron 590 Propane GrillThe Broil King Baron 590 is an all-rounder. It features five main burners, a side burner, and a rotisserie burner, offering a generous 805 square inches of total cooking space. Its Flav-R-Wave cooking system ensures excellent heat distribution.

One potential drawback might be its complex assembly process.

If you’re looking for an all-rounded grill with excellent heat distribution and a generous cooking area, the Broil King Baron 590 is worth considering.

The Pros and Cons of Propane Grills

Propane grills have a variety of advantages that have made them a favorite among grilling enthusiasts. However, like any product, they also come with their own set of drawbacks.

Advantages of Propane Grills

  1. Ease of Use: Propane grills have gained a reputation for their unmatched convenience and effortless operation. Easily manage the heat levels by a simple twist of the knob, granting you complete command over the flame and subsequently, the desired temperature. There’s no need to handle charcoal or wood, and the heat is ready in minutes.
  2. Temperature Control: Propane grills offer exceptional temperature control. Achieve precise heat control with the flame adjustment feature, ensuring your grill reaches the perfect temperature for specific culinary techniques.

safety tips

  1. Clean Burning: Propane burns cleanly, meaning it won’t impart any additional flavors onto your food – what you’re tasting is purely the food and the marinade or seasoning you used.

Disadvantages of Propane Grills

  1. Cost of Propane: While propane grills are easy to use, the cost of propane can add up over time, especially if you grill frequently.
  2. Less Smoky Flavor: Unlike charcoal grills, propane doesn’t produce a smoky flavor. Some people prefer the smokiness imparted by charcoal grills, although this is subjective and depends on personal preference.
  3. Environmental Impact: While propane is a cleaner-burning fossil fuel, it is still a non-renewable resource. If environmental impact is a significant concern for you, you might want to explore more sustainable options.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for Propane Grills

Proper maintenance and safety practices are crucial for the longevity of your propane grill and your safety. Here are some tips:

Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep your grill clean to avoid buildup that could cause flare-ups. After each use, brush the grates to remove any remaining food particles. Periodically, you should also clean the burners and check for any signs of rust or damage.

Regular cleaning

  1. Cover Your Grill: When not in use, keep your grill covered to protect it from the elements and increase its lifespan.
  2. Check for Leaks: Before the start of grilling season, check your propane tank and the connecting hoses for leaks. Apply soapy water to the connections and open the gas – if you see bubbles form, there’s a leak that needs to be fixed before you can safely use the grill.

Safety Tips

  1. Monitor Your Grill: Never leave your grill unattended while cooking. If a flare-up happens, you want to be there to manage it.
  2. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Near: Always have a fire extinguisher nearby when you’re grilling. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always refer to your grill’s owner’s manual for specific maintenance and safety tips.


Well, there you have it, fellow grill enthusiasts. We’ve journeyed together through the exciting world of propane grills, dissecting the pros and cons and breaking down the factors you should consider when choosing a grill.

We’ve looked at seven exceptional grills, each with its own unique strengths. Remember the Weber Spirit II E-210, our compact champion perfect for small families or those working with limited space? And the Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill, the balanced pick offering ample cooking power? We can’t forget the Weber Genesis II E-335, a dream for any BBQ enthusiast with its high-end features, and the Cuisinart CGG-7400, a high-performance grill that offers value for money.

We also explored the Napoleon Rogue 425, a grill boasting quality and ample cooking space, the Dyna-Glo Premier for those seeking a professional-level grill, and finally, the Broil King Baron 590, a fantastic all-rounder with excellent heat distribution and a generous cooking area.

But remember, the best grill is not necessarily the one with the most bells and whistles or the heftiest price tag. The best grill for you is the one that fits your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. Maybe you’re the neighborhood party host who needs a spacious grill, or perhaps you’re a city dweller with a small patio who’s perfect for a compact model.

So, as you embark on your journey to find the perfect propane grill, I encourage you to keep these tips and suggestions in mind. Happy grilling, my friends!


  1. What is the benefit of a propane grill over a charcoal one?
    • Propane grills heat up quickly, provide consistent heat, and are generally easier to use and clean than charcoal grills. They’re also more environmentally friendly, as they emit less carbon monoxide and other pollutants.
  1. How often should I clean my propane grill?
    • Maintain your grill’s hygiene by giving it a gentle cleanse after every cookout and a thorough scrub down annually. This includes cleaning the grates, burners, and interior surfaces to remove grease and food particles.
  1. What safety measures should I take when using a propane grill?
    • Always grill in a well-ventilated outdoor area, keep the grill at least 10 feet away from your house, and never leave it unattended when it’s lit. Regularly check for propane leaks, and ensure the grill is off and cool before covering it.
  1. What’s the best way to store propane grills during winter?
    • First, give your grill a thorough clean. Then, disconnect the propane tank and store it outside (propane should not be stored indoors). Cover the grill with a waterproof cover to protect it from the elements.
  1. What are some useful accessories to have with a propane grill?
    • Some of my favorite grilling accessories include a grill cover, grilling tools (spatula, tongs, brush), a meat thermometer, grill mats, and a grill light for those late-night BBQs.
  1. Is assembly required for these grills?
    • Yes, most propane grills require assembly. The complexity of assembly can vary between models, but most come with clear instructions or even online tutorial videos.
  1. Can I convert these propane grills to natural gas?
    • Some propane grills can be converted to natural gas with a conversion kit, but it depends on the model. Always check with the manufacturer before attempting a conversion.
  1. How long does a propane tank typically last?
    • A standard 20-pound propane tank can last anywhere from 18 to 20 hours of grilling time, depending on the grill’s size and the number of burners used.
  1. How can I improve the lifespan of my propane grill?
    • Regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and appropriate storage can significantly extend your grill’s lifespan. Using a grill cover can also protect it from the elements and keep it in good condition.
  1. Do these grills come with a warranty?
    • Most high-quality propane grills come with a warranty, but the length and coverage can vary. Check the warranty details carefully when purchasing a grill.

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