Firewood Delivery Near Me

Firewood Delivery Near Me

If I’ve ever gone to build a roaring fire and suddenly realized I’m low on firewood or out altogether, I know how frustrating it can be. Whether I was planning to heat up my house on a cold winter night or roast marshmallows under the stars, a lack of firewood can put a damper on my plans. Even worse if it happens at a time when I really need it, like during a power outage when I depend on a fire for heat and a cooking source.firewood

For me, it’s just not possible to chop my own wood or run out to a lumber yard and load up on logs. And even if that is possible, it takes time and a considerable amount of effort. If I need firewood fast, the best thing to do is have it delivered. In this article, I will provide helpful suggestions and reasons for why you should consider using firewood as your heating source, what factors to consider when choosing a firewood delivery service, and how to properly store firewood. Additionally, I will highlight some of the top-rated firewood delivery services in different regions across the country.

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Benefits of Using Firewood for Heating

When it comes to heating my home or outdoor space, I believe there are several options available. However, I think using firewood has numerous benefits that make it a popular choice.

  • Environmental benefits of using firewood over other heating methods

Firewood is a renewable energy source, which means it is more environmentally friendly than other heating methods such as fossil fuels. The process of burning firewood produces carbon dioxide, but the amount of carbon dioxide released is equal to the amount absorbed by the tree during its lifetime. This makes firewood a carbon-neutral fuel source.

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  • Cost-effective compared to other heating methods

Using firewood as a heating source can also be cost-effective. Depending on where you live and the availability of firewood in your area, it can be cheaper than other heating methods such as electricity or propane.

  • Aesthetic benefits of using firewood

In addition to being cost-effective and environmentally friendly, firewood also provides an aesthetically pleasing element to your home or outdoor space. The warm glow and crackling sound of a fire can create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the overall ambiance of your space.

Firewood Delivery near you

How to Find Firewood Delivery Near You

I want to share with you some of the best ways to get firewood delivered right to your door. Whether you need firewood for heating your home or want to build a fire in your backyard, there are many options available. I’ll also provide you with some tips on buying firewood and how to store it properly, so you’ll be ready the next time you need it.

Firewood Delivery Services on Google Business Directory 

To find firewood delivery in my area, I can simply do a Google search using the business directory. It’s a simple process that can provide me with valuable information such as customer ratings, contact details, and the distance from my location.

To access the Google business directory, I can open my browser and type in my search terms, which should be straightforward and concise such as ‘firewood delivery’ followed by my town, city, or region.

The search results will include a map with the names and details of businesses that offer firewood delivery services. To explore the complete roster of businesses, simply click on the ‘View All’ button located at the bottom of the page.

The business directory screen will display a list of businesses on the left and a map with pins showing the locations of those businesses on the right. I may find a variety of businesses that work with wood including firewood delivery companies, logging companies, sawmills, landscaping companies, arborists, and more.

Each company will have a star rating based on customer reviews and a number that indicates how many reviews they have received. The directory will also display the company’s hours of operation and contact details.

If I click on a company’s listing, a column will open with additional information about the company, such as photos, reviews, featured products, and other web pages that mention the company.

The Google business directory also allows me to click on the phone number and call the company directly from my computer or phone using an online calling app such as Facetime or Google Hangouts.

If I need more information, I can click the globe icon and it will take me to the company’s website where I can find additional details such as the types of wood they offer, quantities of wood I can buy, delivery areas, and prices.

Most firewood delivery companies make it easy to request a quote or get in touch with them by using conveniently placed buttons on their website, contact details, and contact forms.

The Directions button is another useful feature that allows me to see how far away the company is from me. Clicking on the button will open a map showing the quickest route to the company’s location and how long it will take to get to them or for them to get to me.

Best Firewood Delivery Services on Yelp

To find the best firewood delivery service near me, I can check out what people are saying on Yelp. Yelp is a website where people can leave reviews about all types of businesses. I don’t need to create a Yelp account to read the reviews, but I do need an account if I want to leave a review or list a business.

To get started on Yelp, I just need to type in ‘firewood delivery’ in the ‘Find’ search bar on the left and my town, city or region in the ‘Near’ search bar on the right.

Hitting enter will take me to a page listing various companies that offer firewood delivery. From the results page, I can see that there are a number of ways to narrow my search down. To find and utilize the filters, simply navigate to the left side of the page where you will discover the available options. Explore the options by clicking on the drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner, where you can discover recommended, highest rated, or most reviewed companies. Alternatively, you can search for specific locations on the map.

When I click on a company, I can see in-depth details including contact details, hours of operation, payment options, customer photos and reviews.

Yelp also has a feature where I can request quotes for firewood delivery directly through the Yelp website. The request box appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If a company has enabled messaging on Yelp, I can see their average response time and response rate above the ‘Request a Quote’ button. I just need to click on the button to make my request.

Even if the firewood company I am looking at hasn’t enabled Yelp messaging, I can still request quotes through Yelp from similar providers. I just need to click on the ‘Request Quotes’ button and Yelp will prompt me to fill in information about exactly what I am looking for so that they can find me the best firewood delivery service providers.

Firewood Delivery from Home Depot

Did you know that Home Depot, where we pick up garden tools, gadgets, and household items, also offer firewood delivery? Home Depot, a well-known home improvement company, can deliver everything from starter logs and kindling sticks to artificial logs, mixed firewood bundles, individual logs, cases of logs, and firewood by the pallet.

To see which stores are near me and what products are available in my area, I visit the Home Depot website. In the top left-hand corner of the screen, there are drop-down tabs where I can enter my delivery zip code and see the closest store to me.

Once I’ve set my location, I just type in ‘firewood’ or ‘firewood delivery’ into the search bar and hit enter to see all of the firewood products available at stores near me.

As I scroll through the products, I can see which products are best sellers, the average star ratings the products get from customer reviews, and the prices. I can also see whether the products are available for delivery and/or pick-up at stores close to me.

If I see an item that I’m interested in, I click anywhere on the photo or description box to open up a page with more detailed information about the product including product photos, a product overview, specifications, and customer reviews.

If I decide I want to purchase an item for delivery, I go to the top of the product page and choose the quantity I want delivered, then click on the ‘Scheduled Delivery’ button.

In some areas, there may be a minimum purchase for delivery. If the item or items I ordered don’t meet the minimum purchase amount, a notification will pop up. If this happens, I can either increase the quantity of the product I want delivered or opt to pick it up at the store.

Another way to meet the minimum purchase requirement is to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to save the item in my virtual shopping cart and then shop for other items.

When I click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, a page will pop up telling me that the item has been added to my cart. Located at the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up screen, you’ll find a button labeled ‘Continue Shopping’. I click this to search for more items to add to my cart.

When I’m ready to check out, I can either click on the ‘View Cart’ button after adding my last item or go back to the main search page and click on the ‘Cart’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Before checking out, I make sure to click on the delivery option next to the item and check that my zip code is entered correctly. If everything looks good to go, I can click on the ‘Checkout’ button.

Many of the firewood products available on the Home Depot website are starter logs, kindling, and smaller logs. If I need larger quantities of logs delivered, I can contact the Home Depot store closest to me to see what type of firewood packages they offer and to schedule deliveries. Many stores offer next-day delivery for firewood. To find the contact details for stores near me, I click on the store drop-down menu in the upper left corner of any Home Depot web page.

Firewood Delivery

Firewood Delivery Ads on Craigslist

Since beginning in the mid 1990s, Craigslist has been the king of online classified ads. We can find people selling pretty much everything under the sun on our site, including firewood. In fact, sometimes we can even find people giving away free firewood on Craigslist.

They have sites in 700 cities across the world, so it’s highly likely that there will be a branch specific to your region. The homepage gives you a number of different options to search for your region. You can click on the global regions in the menu at the top of the page, click on your country or region on the interactive world map, or scroll down to search for your city in the lists that are divided by each country.

Once you’ve found your city and clicked through to that specific site, the quickest way to search for firewood on Craigslist is to use the search function. As with any search engine, it pays to be straightforward and specific. If you just type in ‘firewood’, you might also get ads for people who are looking to buy firewood or people selling firewood for pick-up only. If you type in ‘firewood delivery’, your results will be much more tailored to your needs.

The search results will vary depending on the day and season. On the left side of the screen, you have the option to filter the results using various tools and categories. To enhance your search, I recommend utilizing the ‘delivery available’ filter.

You can click on the ads to read more details about the firewood the sellers are offering and the specifics about delivery areas and charges. The ad page will also tell you how long ago the ad was posted.

If you’re interested in an offer, you can click on the ‘Reply’ button at the top of the page.

When you click on the reply button, a drop-down screen will open giving you the option of responding with your default email program or webmail. You can also copy and paste the email address directly into your email program of choice.

One thing to remember about Craigslist is that anyone can post ads for little to no cost, so we have to be slightly wary about who we deal with. We should never give out payments or financial information to someone we have never met in person. We should be sure to meet the seller and have a good look at the firewood before we buy it to ensure that it’s the correct quantity and that it’s in good shape.

Firewood Delivery from Cutting Edge Firewood

I recently discovered Cutting Edge Firewood, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia that delivers high-quality firewood across the continental United States. They are known for offering premium kiln-dried firewood that is easy to light, long-lasting, and produces minimal smoke. The kiln-drying process also eliminates fungus, insects, mold, and mildew from the wood.

To initiate the shopping experience, I followed a straightforward process. First, I visited the Cutting Edge homepage. Then, I either hovered my mouse over the ‘Shop’ category in the top menu or directly clicked on the ‘Shop Now’ button. This brought up the option to choose between firewood, cooking wood, or fire accessories.

I clicked on the firewood page and found a variety of options to choose from. I could choose between a rack of wood or a box, depending on my needs. If I only needed a small amount of firewood, the boxes came with everything necessary for two to four fires, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and logs. On the other hand, the racks offered enough wood for 15 to 25 fires and included Cutting Edge’s exclusive firewood racks. I also had the option of choosing one of the Ultimate Bulk Firewood Packages, which included fire starters, multiple racks, boxes of firewood, and hand trucks.

I could then choose the species of wood I preferred, such as oak, hickory, or cherry wood. Clicking on a species brought up a page with information about the characteristics of each type of wood, including its origin, burn qualities, and aroma. Additionally, I could opt for specialty sizes of firewood, such as smaller cuts for wood stoves, larger logs for extended burns, or uncut rounds for smaller fires.

Once I had decided on the perfect firewood for my needs, I simply hovered over the item and clicked ‘Add to Cart.’ A pop-up screen confirmed that the item had been successfully added to my cart, and I could either view my cart, check out, or keep shopping.

If I chose to check out, I was taken to a page where I could enter my billing details and shipping address. While Cutting Edge offers complimentary artisan delivery service to select areas in and around Atlanta, customers outside these areas would have to pay extra for shipping. Shipping times and prices vary depending on the size and amount of firewood ordered. For instance, boxes could be delivered the same day or the next business day in some regions. If I needed racks, the more I bought, the lower the shipping costs. Additionally, shipping was free for those who ordered one of the Ultimate Bulk Firewood packages.

Firewood Delivery FAQ

These are a few of the most common questions I get asked from people looking for firewood delivery in my area.

  • How Much Does Firewood Delivery Cost?

The cost of firewood delivery varies depending on where you live, what types of wood are available in your area, the seller’s policies, and what time of year it is. Some firewood sellers offer free delivery if you live in a specific area. Others might charge extra for delivery or shipping fees, especially if you live outside their service area. It’s best to do a bit of shopping around to see what the going rates for firewood are in your area. You’ll probably find that firewood delivery prices tend to be lower in the spring and summer when the demand is low.

  • How Much Firewood Should I Order?

You can get all quantities of firewood delivered from single starter logs to small bags of kindling, boxes of logs, and multiple cords, so it’s important to think about how much wood you need before putting your delivery order in. 

If you want to use firewood to heat your house throughout the winter, you’ll need at least a cord of firewood to start. A cord refers to a volume of wood, specifically measuring 128 cubic feet. It encompasses dimensions of four feet in height, four feet in width, and eight feet in length. One household could go through a few cords per winter depending on how cold it is and how much you depend on your fireplace or wood stove for warmth.

On the other hand, if you’re only planning on building a fire or two once in a while indoors, in the backyard fire pit, or at a campsite, then you might want to look into smaller quantities of firewood. Some firewood delivery services can provide half cords, quarter cords, or small bags and boxes of firewood.

Even if you’re only planning on having a few fires, we suggest getting more wood rather than less. After all, you never know when you might want to keep a fire burning longer throughout the day or into the night. Plus, it’s always good to have a backup for the next time you want to light a fire or in case of a power outage. 

  • What Type of Firewood Should I Order?

When it comes to firewood, you have two options: hardwood or softwood. Hardwoods are mostly deciduous trees with leaves like hickory, maple and oak. Softwoods tend to have needles and produce cones. Examples of softwoods include spruce, cedar, and fir. 

Hardwood is typically denser and more resistant to fire than softwood, so it burns longer and hotter. However, it’s also more expensive. Softwood is cheaper than hardwood, but it burns faster and may have pockets of sap that can create thick, dark clouds of smoke. If you’re burning wood outdoors, both softwood and hardwood are fine. However, hardwood is best for indoor fires in your fireplace or wood stove because it won’t leave as much residue in your chimney.

You should never burn wood that has been chemically treated in any way because it could emit toxic fumes and thick smoke that could lead to a build-up of creosote deposits in your chimney. This includes wood that has been painted, varnished, stained, or pressure treated. You should also stay away from particleboard and plywood because they contain synthetic resins and glues.

The firewood you order should also be dry, otherwise you will have to ‘season’ it yourself. Ideally you want wood that contains less than 20 percent moisture content. If it contains any more moisture, it will be hard to light the log and keep it burning. Wet or ‘green’ wood also emits more smoke than dry wood. When ordering firewood delivery, look for seasoned firewood (link to article), aka wood that has been pre-dried either naturally or in a kiln. 

  • How do I Store My Firewood?

Once your firewood delivery arrives, you’ll need to store the wood in a spot where it won’t get wet. If it’s only a small amount, you can store it indoors on a firewood rack or holder (link to article) or outside on a covered patio or deck. If you have a large amount of firewood delivered, you should place it in a sheltered area like a woodshed or alongside your house under an awning or overhanging eaves. The firewood should be stacked in a way that allows air to circulate freely. If you cover your wood stack, just place a tarp or canvas on the top and leave the sides open.

Final Thoughts

Why would I wear myself out chopping and splitting my own firewood or piling heavy logs into my vehicle and onto my property when I can just make a simple call or write an email and have firewood delivered right to my door? The methods listed in this guide will not only help me find firewood delivery near me, but they will also help me determine which services are the best in my area so that I get high quality firewood in the quantity I need and at a price that is right for me.

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